Wild Things

This feisty Madagascar Freshwater crab, is one of my favorite photos.

“I have a simple mission:
To capture fleeting moments eloquently and to translate them visually so that the universal human experience is recorded for future generations to see.”

– Cristina Mittermeier
Mighty Fluke
As they arrive to the shallow waters of the Silver Bank in the Caribbean, humpback whales become increasingly communicative with each other.
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A black-browed albatross in flight; a beautiful symphony of symmetry in motion in the air.
A King penguin ponders krill for dinner.
A harp seal pup on the frozen seas around Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec, is as curious about me as I am of it.
A gentle snow flurry covers the firs and spruces that line up the shores of the Fishing Branch River in Canada’s Yukon, while a Grizzly bear searches for one last salmon for the day.
“Queen” the big hammerhead of Tiger Beach
At 80 feet in length, the mighty blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth. I photographed this beautiful whale on the first dive of my first day in the Azores. Dumb luck as every dive after that was incredibly challenging.
A pair of sperm whales socializes in the warm waters off the island of Dominica.
A pink whiptail stingray glides through the clear waters off of Mo’orea, French Polynesia

“I want to make photographs that coax us from comfortable routine; that ignite the imagination, that light a spark… whisper possibilities, convey some divine idea or conjure a solution for our ailing planet.”

– Cristina Mittermeier