Water’s Edge

Human emotion is the fabric that makes a good portrait. This image of a young Kayapó girl bathing in the warm waters of the Xingú River in the Brazilian Amazon, is one of my favorite shots not just because she is beautiful, but because her eyes say so much. They speak about a beloved river about to be dammed forever, about the pride of her people in their traditions and their culture, about the fear of a future unknown, and of the innocence that every child deserves to live with. If I could have one wish, it would be to stop the Belo Monte dam. The damage that this megaproject, which begins operations this year, will have on the forest, the river and the people will never be healed.

“For me, human relationships and our very complex and conflicting relationship with nature are not fully comprehensible. Those relationships can become clear for small, beautiful moments, but they are ephemeral and mutating.”

– Cristina Mittermeier
Waterfall BathVillage of Kubenkrajké, Pará, Brazil, 2009 – I love making images that tell the story of nature’s familial hold on the human spirit; images that remind us that a thundering waterfall is much more than a commodity to exploit; for people, like these Kayapógirls it is a source of eternal inspiration for mankind’s artistic creativity and personal spirituality.
Hawaiian kids take one last plunge into the warm waters of Makaha beach. Hawaii

“Being a photojournalist is a privilege. Don’t get me wrong – we are not simple spinners of dreams. We are committed, dedicated, hard-working, passionate artists. We have a collective commitment to truth and reality.”

-Cristina Mittermeier
An Inuit man fishing in northern Greenland pulls out an interesting catch, Atlantic cod, a species whose distribution was until recently between 500-1000 kms further south

“Each photojournalist dances to the click of a different shutter. My particular brand is the tapestry of indigenous people.”

– Cristina Mittermeier
Madagascar, January 2009
Berenty; Madagascar Southern Spiny Desert

“With my images, I want to remind us all that we are all part of the family of man, and our fortunes are inextricably intertwined.”

– Cristina Mittermeier