“In some of the most remote corners of our planet is where I have found the most kindness. I arrived to this village in the Central Plateau of Madagascar by helicopter, and was not expecting to see anyone. The reception the locals gave me was overwhelming. Although they had very little to give, they presented me with twigs of sage and huge smiles.”

– Cristina Mittermeier
Town and people of Andasibe

“Maybe because I have been lucky enough to be a mother, I am keenly aware of the state of the planet we are leaving for the next generation, and I worry.”

– Cristina Mittermeier
A young Kayapo child stands around while her mother prepares food in the background. Village of Aukre
Kayapo Indian children playing in the waters of the Xingu River, Brazilian Amazon. Village of Aukre
Keānuenue De Soto, tiptoes across a tidal pool in Makaha Beach, Oahu, Hawaii