Now Shipping! Collector’s Edition Poster Series


Mighty Fluke

On The Prowl

Whether under the water, in between the land and sea, or in communities whose daily lives are still intricately connected to the natural environment, I’m always thinking about how the image I’m making can benefit the planet. 

And in making those images, one of my greatest joys is sharing them with you. 

I know that fine art isn’t to everyone’s taste (or budget!), so I created a poster series for those of you passionate about preserving a moment, conserving the world, and hanging art on your wall.

My new collector’s edition poster series includes three limited release prints, each one numbered and personally signed by me. 

Sojourn, Mighty Fluke, and On The Prowl are closely connected to my new fine art series, The Sea Around Us. Only 100 editions of each are being produced, with 50 available now. 

Order by December 15th, 2019 and shipping is free, anywhere in the world. 

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Now Shipping! Order one HERE

SeaLegacy Matching

As we all begin thinking about how to make a positive difference during this giving season, we have an incredible opportunity, courtesy of one of our most generous donors, to double our impact for the ocean during the month of December.

Until the end of the month, I’ll be donating 25% of the proceeds from the sales of my fine art poster series to SeaLegacy

For inquiries, please contact Lauren at [email protected]